Messenger Chatbot Features

Introducing Messenger Chatbot, your business' virtual customer support for Messenger. It offers 24/7 automated chat support to engage with customers and promote your products & services which will result in improved customer experience and increase in sales.

24/7 Customer Support

Handle customer inquiries 24/7, ensuring assistance outside normal business hours. Beat your competition with support that is always available.

Artificial Intelligence

Provide automated answers based on a keyword or phrase sent by your customers.

Automated Responses

Messenger Chatbot can be programmed to handle frequently asked questions using natural language. They’re always available, and can guide visitors through their user journey.

Product Showcase

Promote your products through engaging conversations. Media such as photos and videos can be sent to customers in a number of formats.

Sales & Lead Generation Boost

Engage users, answer queries, and guide them toward making purchasing decisions. Direct your customers to your website to checkout or send them to a form to collect lead data.

Fast & Reliable

Provides fast responses to inquiries & frequently answered questions. High volume of messages can be managed easily without compromising quality of service.