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Glutathione Business

Glutathione Business

Business/ Product: Glutathione
Business Type: E-commerce, Direct Selling, Dropshipping
Starting Capital: P10,000
Potential Monthly Income: P10,000 - P20,000+
Return on Investment: 4 to 12 weeks

As consumers become more conscious of their skin health, demand for glutathione products has increased. The health and skin lightening benefits of glutathione makes it more appealing to consumers.

Value Proposition
High profit margin
Hassle free setup
High demand product

Product Benefits
Body detoxification
Boost immune system
Improve skin health
Up to 50% more affordable compared to clinic prices.

Aggos Recommends:

Consult with a business professional.
Create a comprehensive business plan.
Partner with a supplier with excellent reputation.

Build your brand.
Build a website and a Facebook page.

Improve marketing strategy.
Acquire more customers.

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