Messenger Chatbot

Messenger Chatbot is a virtual assistant for Messenger. It provides 24/7 automated customer support designed to improve customer experience, promote your products/ services and increase revenue.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Handle customer inquiries 24/7, ensuring assistance outside normal business hours. Beat your competition with support that is always available.

  • Fast & Reliable

    Provides fast responses to inquiries & frequently answered questions. High volume of messages can be managed easily without compromising quality of service.

  • Automate FAQ Responses

    Messenger Chatbot can be programmed to handle frequently asked questions using natural language. They’re always available, and can guide visitors through their user journey.

  • Product Showcase

    Promote your products through engaging conversations. Media such as photos and videos can be sent to customers in a number of formats.

  • Increase Sales & Lead Generation

    Engage users, answer queries, and guide them toward making purchasing decisions. You can direct your customers to your website to checkout or send them to a form to collect lead data.

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